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Wake up light 5V charging


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Wake up light 5V charging

Wake up light 5V charging


Place of Origin China
Main Color White
Main Material Plastic
Filler #filler#
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 6.77
Assembled Width (in.) 2.79
Assembled Height (in.) 5.39
Weight (lbs) 1.20


Wake-up light, electronic clock, alarm clock, analog sunlight, RGB color light, wireless speaker, radio, built-in polymer lithium battery, 5V charging, suitable for bedroom, outdoor camping Daylight wake-up light, LED electronic clock, alarm clock, mobile phone wireless connection speaker, radio, RGB color light, USB-C, polymer lithium battery Selling point description:

1.【Analog Sunrise Wake Up Alarm Clock】This digital alarm clock is suitable for everyone. The light gradually changes color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow 10-60 minutes before the alarm set time.

2. [Mobile phone wireless connection to speaker & FM radio] You can use your mobile phone to quickly connect and play the music in your mobile phone, 16-level volume adjustment, and you can also choose your favorite FM radio station. The digital head unit will automatically search for all stations on the frequency 87.5-108 MHz.

3.【Support dual alarm clock and snooze】Dual alarm clock function allows you to easily set two independent alarm clocks. Plus, if you're having a hard time getting out of bed the first time your alarm goes off, just hit the snooze button and you'll get an extra 9 minutes of sleep, and the music will play again 9 minutes later, up to 5 times. Don't worry about missing out on something important.

4.【Sleep Aid Function】Set the lights and sleep music in advance, and let the sunset simulation bring you a relaxing bedtime. Press the sleep button, the light alarm will gradually dim from 100% to 0%, with a duration of 10-120 minutes (according to your settings), 3 sounds to help you fall asleep quickly. When the time you set is reached, the sleep aid function will automatically turn off.

5.【Multifunctional Bedside Lamp】The wake-up light has approximate daylight and colorful light, and the brightness and color of the colorful light can be adjusted. The warm light provides you with a good experience when you are feeding your baby/ going to the toilet/ reading at night. TIP: The clock display is also adjustable in brightness or turned off completely (3 modes: high/low/off).

product description:

1. Sunrise/sunset simulation lighting: 20-level light brightness adjustment.

2. Colorful atmosphere lights: automatic change mode/static color can be set. ,

3, two sets of alarm clocks: 7 kinds of ringtones + 1 kind of radio channel can be selected, volume: 0-16, 20 light brightness, 10-60 minutes alarm time, 10 minutes interval.

4. Snooze function: up to 5 times.

5. Hypnosis function: 3 kinds of ringtones + 1 kind of radio channel can be selected, volume: 0-16 levels, 20-level light brightness, 10-60 minutes alarm time, 10 minutes interval.

6. FM radio function (87.5-108 MHz):

7. LED electronic clock, 12/24 hour system switching, brightness can be set: no display/light/highlight.

8. Wireless connection to audio, TF card to read and play music.

9. FM radio 87.5-108MHz.

10. Built-in polymer lithium battery: 1200mAh. Battery life is 1.5 hours.

11. Type-C charging port, USB charging cable is 1 meter long.

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